Flavor and food have always been a passion!  Whether grilling at Talladega for friends from all over the country, where I was given the nickname “Chef”, or enjoying a quiet dinner at home with my girls, BIG, BOLD flavor is always the goal.  

With the help from family and friends and many “taste tests” as our oldest daughter says, we are excited to bring you GO BIG OR GO HOME seasonings and brand.  It truly is something special.  

I challenge you to GO BIG with everything!

Photo of Chuck Hunt, Chef of Go Big Flavor
Photo of Chuck Hunt, Chef of Go Big Flavor
Photo of Chuck Hunt, Chef of Go Big Flavor


Chuck’s favorite is the Southern Hot Seasonings.  It is perfect for chicken and gives you a big, bold flavor with some sneaky heat!!


The south is special, and we know it!  Being from Memphis - the BBQ Capital of the World, we have the opportunity to experience good flavor all the time and want to share it with you.  

Our family takes pride in our southern upbringing, beliefs, and core values.   That's why our seasonings are “Made in the South” using natural ingredients.

Meet the family picture


Our family is the reason Heather and I decided to begin the business. “Go Big or Go Home” has always been a lifestyle phrase we used regardless of what we’re doing.  However, starting a business with that name runs deeper and puts a new meaning to the phrase.  Heather and I both grew up in small southern towns with parents that owned small businesses.  We understood, like it or not, the value of hard work, dirty hands, and long hours. 

Fast forward to now, we have three daughters, Hadley, Sarah, and Milly Haskins; want to instill those same small-town values and work ethic in our girls.  Yes, I live with FIVE girls including our chocolate lab Dolly; of course, named after the great Dolly Parton.  You think she decided to Go Big?  

We feel strongly about hard work, understanding what it takes to earn a dollar and being successful while experiencing failures along the way.   Each of our girls are involved in various aspects of “Go Big or Go Home”, from boxing the seasonings, helping make deliveries or posting on social media.  We don't know where “Go Big or Go Home’ will lead our family, but Heather and I are confident these experiences will benefit our girls as they grow older and find their own way to GO BIG!   

Meet the Girls - Hadley is a true foodie and appreciates all flavors.  Sweet Sarah loves our Southern Seasoning because of the hint of sweetness it adds.  And Milly Haskins likes it the hotter the better, so her favorite is the Southern Hot Seasoning.